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Export Guides, Tutorials and Resources

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A Basic Guide to Exporting

Published by the U.S. Commercial Service, the Basic Guide to Exporting provides a comprehensive overview of how to establish and grow overseas markets for your products and services. NOW ONLINE

U.S. Commercial Service Webinars

A series of webinars developed by the U.S. Commercial Service and industry trade experts about how your company can start or increase your international sales. With these webinars, you can get valuable information on countries and industries of interest to your business, assistance with export planning and strategy, or expand your knowledge of required documentation and regulations without leaving your office.

The guide is designed to help U.S. companies, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, learn the basics of trade finance so that they can turn their export opportunities into actual sales and achieve the ultimate goal of getting paid—especially on time—for those sales. Concise, two-page chapters offer the basics of numerous financing techniques, from open accounts, to forfaiting, to government assisted foreign-buyer financing.

Bureau of Industry and Security

The Bureau of Industry and Security aims to advance U.S. national security, foreign policy, and economic objectives by ensuring an effective export control and treaty compliance system. The website provides information about regulations, licensing, enforcement, policy guidance, and compliance and training.

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